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Michael Lindsay-Hogg is the director of many films, television movies, and documentaries.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Lindsay-Hogg in 1979. Photo: Snowdon.

Casting a play or a movie is like making a family, a group of men and women with whom you will spend a lot of time, often happily, sometimes not. It can be an intimate experience, in lots of ways, during which you will learn their strengths and weaknesses, and expose your own.

Before we began casting for BRIDESHEAD REVISITED I’d seen Jeremy Irons in Wild Oats, a Royal Shakespeare production of a late-eighteenth-century comedy. He played a foppish young man with a lisp and was very funny (always a good thing), and I thought his elegant looks would make him a wonderful Sebastian.

We approached Kate Nelligan about playing Julia. She was the unquestioned young leading actress in London, beauty mixed with a ferocious ambitious talent.

But we couldn’t find a Charles…












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